Happy Thanksgiving! We are grateful for these 7 people.

We are really lucky that we love our photographers and are happy to call them family.  So today gratefulness goes out to Matt, Christine, Mark, Jess, Dustin, Margaret, and Gustavo for all their hard work, creativity, craziness, fun and genius.  You keep our lives interesting and fun.

These portraits are from the GOOD WORK show they participated in a few months back, painted by the fabulous Leah Hampson, daughter of one of our clients and more importantly, close friend Alison.  We are grateful for them as well.

Of course we are thankful for all our clients, it’s been a wonderful year at MergeLeft and we are looking forward to 2014 being even better!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Can you guess who is who?

Tricia & Brett

MergeLeft Family

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